Acne Instructions

Acne Instructions

Golden Medic® detailed Instruction Sheet specifically for help with:

                                                  Acne and Pimples                  Ref: 0

Golden Medic® works best used as soon as possible after such condition occurs.

Understanding the condition:

Acne is caused by a bacterial infection that lives and thrives on the natural oil of the skin. This is generally very active during ‘teenage’ years but can occur at any age. Unfortunately washing the skin frequently with strong soaps dries out the skin that is then stimulated to produce more oil, and the bacteria thrive.



·      It is IMPERITIVE to clean off any previously applied creams, lotions or medicines. Any remnants of these are likely to react badlywith this powder and may become irritant and possibly painful.

·      It is suggested to reduce the skin oil by mild wiping with a suitable product.

·      Clean the affected area by a thorough but gentle washing using:

o   A simple Surgical Spirit swab, or a common hand and face wipe obtainable from most Super Markets, or a clean face flannel and a little GILL soap.

o   Used gently, once a day, this will wipe away much of the excess oil, as well as a lot of bacteria, while not drying the skin too much.

·      Then rinse with clean water and pat dry with a clean towel.


    Acne on the face                                                                        Pimples covered with ‘GM’


First Treatment:

·      Roll a liberal quantity of Golden Medic® directly onto the affected area, ensuring every pimple gets covered.

·      For individual pimples tap a small amount of powder into a clean container. Use an ear bud to cover every sore.

·      Then gently press the powder down with a wet fingertip to consolidate the cover.

·      It is sometimes necessary to open the top of the pimples to help the powder get inside. This will help kill the bacteria that are deep down in the skin layers where the oil cells are.

·      Other facial areas can be given a thin wipe over using a soft make-up brush. This will leave a thin covering to help prevent any new infection.

·      There is no residual action from the powder after it is removed; so keep the area continually well covered with Golden Medic®.


Continuous Treatment:

·      Use a liberal quantity of Golden Medic® at night, and then a thin almost invisible layer during the day.

·      Do not remove old powder; just add more as required; at least twice dailyuntil well healed.

·      Start treatment again immediately any new spots appear.


Prevention– Always have Golden Medic® on hand! 

·      Applying a good layer of Golden Medic® as soon as you feel or see a pimple starting will either stop it, or help prevent it becoming severe.

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