Resistant Ulcers and Bedsore Instructions

Resistant Ulcers and Bedsore Instructions

Golden Medic®detailed Instruction Sheet specifically for help with:

                                      Resistant Ulcers and Bedsores                                 Ref: 0

Golden Medic®works best used as soon as possible after such condition occurs.


        Chronic long-standing ulcers                                   Covered with ‘GM’                                          Healed after six weeks                                 Continued scar reduction



·      It is IMPERITIVE to clean off any dirt, scabs or previously applied creams, lotions or medicines. Any remnants of these are likely to react badlywith this powder and may become irritant and painful.

·      Any diseased or necrotic tissue should also be removed.

·      Clean the affected area by a thorough but gentle washing using:

1.     First soap and warm water. 

2.     Followed with dilute Hydrogen peroxide - 3 parts water to 1 part Hydrogen peroxide (H2Oavailable from your local chemist). This is painless and the fizz helps to rinse out all foreign matter. 

3.     Repeat this Hydrogen peroxide treatment until all fizzing stops

·      Then rinse with clean water and pat dry with a soft tissue.


First Treatment:

·      Unscrew cap and tap out the necessary quantity of Golden Medic®directly onto the affected area.

·      Use a clean soft ‘make up’ brush to help cover the entire area including all crevices and the surrounding area. 

·      Then gently press the powder down with a wet fingertip to consolidate the cover.

·      Do NOT apply any covering material, as the powder works best when dry and open to the air.

·      If you must cover the area, use only a light gauze dressing, or a light, thin article of clothing that will allow the air to circulate. Remove this as soon as possible to help the area dry out.

·      The analgesic (pain relieving) effect works after a few minutes. If this does not occur within 15 minutes, add some more powder and tap into place. 

·      There is no residual action from the powder after it is removed; so keep the area continually well covered with Golden Medic®.


Continuous Treatment:

·      Wipe away any ooze or pus that may have formed.

·      Do not remove old powder; just add more as required, at least twice dailyuntil well healed.

·      Try to get the powder to form a good, thick scab, open to the air. This is the best way to achieve rapid healing. 

·      The scab will give total protection, as it remains analgesic as well as sterile. The area thus heals faster than normal.

·      Bacteria, viruses and/or fungus are likely to be present in the ulcer. Coming into contact or even near contact with the Golden Medic®kills all these microbes, and promotes healing.

·      The older the wound is, the longer it may take to heal.

·      If the wound does not dry out, stop excretions, and show signs of improvement within a few days, contact TraceXtec Medical Adviser.


Prevention– Always have Golden Medic® on hand! 

Applying a good layer of Golden Medic® as soon as you feel either a bed sore or ulcer starting will either stop it, or help prevent it becoming severe.


An old lady whom is a paraplegic, developed this bedsore from her electric wheel chair before Christmas 2014, it has had all the normal antibiotic applications without any real result. The picture shows how we found it the 3 days after a Hospital visit to clean and treat the wound. It was stinking due to the white dead tissue and wet and weeping serum from being covered up. We cleaned the wound with dilute Hydrogen peroxide, repeatedly after removal of the dead tissue, then dried it with tissues and applied the Golden Medic powder. Showing her Son and her Maid how to do this twice daily, if required to keep it covered only with the powder. Dr C G N Trace.

For specific help with difficult and long lasting wounds like these contact us. We have helped many people where normal treatments have not really worked.

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