Warning Instructions

Warning Instructions

Golden Medic® 

Precautions and Warnings:      Rev: 1


The metal copper has extremely strong antimicrobial properties which are well researched and documented. TraceXtec has discovered, formulated and patented a method of using the natural properties of metallic copper and zinc to help with external skin conditions. Golden Medic® powder is very effective at clearing infections and eliminating pain when placed in direct contact with the affected area of the skin. Our experience and tests show that when Golden Medic® is used correctly, it eliminates all infections (bacteria, viruses and most fungus), takes away pain and stimulates the body’s natural healing process, which allows the skin to heal as it was designed to do, faster and with minimal scaring.  


Golden Medic® dry powder is made from a scientific formulation of pure copper and zinc metals, which have been ground to a powder that sticks to the skin, and provides maximum contact area between the damaged skin and the metallic particles. To benefit from the exceptional properties of this product, it is essential to use it correctly. Metallic copper powder has been classed NON TOXIC by WHO (the World Health Organisation).



·      See detailed Instruction Sheets for your specific condition.

·      NB - Thoroughly clean and dry the affected area before applying any Golden Medic® powder. If there is any chance that there are remnants of any previously used medicines, or if the area is badly infected, it is IMPERATIVE to clean the area before applying Golden Medic®.  First wash with soap and warm water, and then wash with dilute Hydrogen peroxide - 3 parts water to 1 part Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) (available from your local chemist). This is painless and the fizz helps to rinse out all foreign matter. Repeat this Hydrogen peroxide treatment until all fizzing stopsThen rinse with clean water, pat dry with a soft tissue and apply the Golden Medic® powder. Do not repeat this H2O2wash again unless absolutely necessary, just dab up any liquid with a tissue, and re-cover the area with the dry powder, when required.

·      Golden Medic® powder is supplied in a glass bottle with a roller cap that applies a layer of powder onto the skin when the bottle is held upside-down. This works well for a number of skin conditions. As with all personal use products, the roller top should be used for only one individual.

·      If the skin is broken, oozing or bleeding, rather unscrew the roller cap and tap out the necessary quantity of Golden Medic® directly onto the affected area.

·      Leave any scabs that form in place and allow natural healing to continue. This is the body’s way of repairing damaged skin. As long as Golden Medic® is visible and in contact it will be keeping the area disinfected. Continue applying the powder regularly until the wound is fully healed.



·      Any remnants of previous medicines, creams or ointmentsare likely tomake the Golden Medic® powder react badly, turning the powder into black cupric oxide which could become irritant and cause pain after a few hours. If the above reaction occurs, it is due to not following the cleaning instructions prior to application– but don’t panic! Simply immediately wash the area with soap and water to remove the oxidised powder, and then follow the cleaning instructions carefully, before reapplying the powder. The problem will not recur if the area is thoroughly clean before application of the powder.

·      Do NOT allow the area to become warm and sweaty (i.e. do NOT cover the area with plasters or thick bandages or use a heating pad), as this could oxidise the powder and cause pain after a few hours. If this occurs, immediately wash off all the powder using soap and water. Dry the area with a tissue, and then reapply the powder as above.

·      Do NOT apply to wet, weepingareas that have excess serum ooze, as the powder may react, as above. These areas require special care and must be dried first. NB leave open to the air after applying the powder.

·      Do NOT get the powder into the eyes- it is gritty and not easily removed with eye drops or water. If this does occur, use salad oil to rinse the eyes, until they feel grit free, and then wash the oil out with warm water.

·      Do NOT inhalethe powder - it will cause coughing.

·      Do NOT swallow large amountsof the powder – it is likely to upset the intestinal flora, and may cause nausea, runny tummy and flatulence. Should this happen, take a dose of liquid paraffin to flush out the powder, then eat a lot of fresh cultured yogurt or probiotics to help restore the intestinal flora.

·      Do NOT use on persons who have allergies to copper or zinc, or who have conditions known for Cu or Zn toxicity.



·      Golden Medic® powder is very effective in removing pain when in contact with the wound. This attribute can sometimes be dangerous, as the severity of the wound could be underestimated. Professional medical help should always be obtained with severe wounds or conditions.

·      This powder is for external use on the skin only. Keep out of reach of children.

Consult the TraceXtec Health Professional if the condition does not improve.

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