Bites & Stings Instructions

Bites & Stings Instructions

Golden Medic® detailed Instruction Sheet specifically for help with:

                                                    Bites and Stings                          Ref: 0


Golden Medic® works best used as soon as possible after such condition occurs.

Golden Medic® has been reported to be effective with:

Insect bites; SpiderandMosquito bites,Bee, Wasp, Scorpion andCaterpillar stings.

Marine stings; Blue Bottle stings.  Plant stings; nettles, thorns.


·      If appropriate - get rid of the sting immediately, by any means.

This reduces the amount of toxin injected and helps make the problem less severe.

·      It is IMPERITIVE to clean off any previously applied creams, lotions or medicines. Any remnants of these are likely to react badlywith this powder and may become irritant and possibly painful.

First Treatment:

·      Tap out, or Roll-On a liberal quantity of Golden Medic®directly onto the affected area.

·      Rub the powder well into the affected area and especially into holes left from stings.

·      Do not apply any covering material as the powder works best when dry and open to the air.

·      If you must cover the area, use only light gauze dressing, or a light thin article of clothing that will allow the air to circulate. Remove this as soon as possible to help the area dry out.

·      The analgesic effect (pain relieving) works after a few minutes. If this does not occur within 10 minutes, add more powder and rub well in place.

·      There is no residual action from the powder after it is removed; so keep the area continually well covered with Golden Medic®.


                         Flea bites                                          Tick bite                                       Spider bite                                       Bee sting

Continuous Treatment:

·      Do not remove old powder; just add more as required; at least twice dailyuntil well healed or irritation stops.

·      Try to get the powder to form a good thick dry layer; open to the air, as this is the best way to get rapid healing.

·      Start treatment again immediately if any irritation occurs.

·      This will give total protection and it remains analgesic as well as sterile and the area heals faster than normal.

Prevention– Always have Golden Medic® on hand!

·      Applying a good layer of Golden Medic® as soon as you feel any bite or sting. This will either stop it, or help prevent it becoming severe.


Tony Border - While staying in Somerset West he was badly bitten on both legs by nasty little midges (Ceratopogonidae). These bites immediately became red, raised, very painful and extremely itchy. Applying Golden Medic provided immediate relief from te pain and itch and he looked forward to subsequent applications for the relief it gave. This treatment continued for several days until the pain and inflammation totally disappeared.

Chris Kruger - had a bite on his leg that was swollen, red and hard with a purple centre. Golden Medic was rubbed onto the sore and within 8 Hours the swelling had half gone and within 24 Hours the swelling was 25%. The hardness was gone and the purple centre was gone. Amazing. (Almost certainly a spider bite)

Melody Maddocks - Painful bee sting - applied Golden Medic and experienced rapid relief from pain.

Sunet Dercksen - On my mountain bike I got stung on the lip by a bee - OUCH! I was offered some Golden Medic by one of my fellow riders. After only a few minutes the pain subsided. There was still some minor swelling, but about an hour or so after the ride - the bee sting, pain and swelling was long forgotten. I will most definitely recommend Golden Medic to anybody that is stung by a bee.

Graham Gamble - applied Golden Medic powder to a scorpion sting. There was an immediate reduction of pain and limited swelling around the area of the sting. 2 days later there was no remaining mark on the finger from the sting.
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