Open Blisters

Open Blisters


Golden Medic® detailed Instruction Sheet specifically for help with:

                                                       Open Blisters                        Ref: 0

Golden Medic® works best used as soon as possible after such condition occurs.



·      It is vitally important drain any liquid and remove any loose flaps of skin.

·      It is important to clean off any previously applied creams, lotions or medicines. Any remnants of these are likely to react badlywith this powder and may become irritant and possibly painful.

·      Thoroughly clean the damaged area washing out any dirt or puss that may have formed:

o   This can be well assisted by using dilute Hydrogen Peroxide. (3 parts water/1 part Hydrogen peroxide [H2O2]) This is painless and the fizz helps to rinse out all foreign matter.

o   Repeat until well cleaned.

o   Then rinse with water and pat dry with a soft tissue.


First Treatment:

·      Tap out small quantities of Golden Medic powder directly onto/into the damaged tissue. 

·      It is important that all loose skin has been removed so that the powder can get in direct contact with the tissue underneath.

·      Tap the powder down into and onto the wound, to help consolidate it’s covering the entire area, using an ear bud or a clean, well-wetted fingertip. (The powder does not stick to wet surfaces)

·      Avoid applying any covering material as the powder works best when dry and open to the air.

·      If you must cover the sore, use only a light gauze dressing, or a light thin article of clothing that will allow the air to circulate. Remove this as soon as possible to help the area dry out.

·      The analgesic effect (pain relieving) works after a few minutes, if this does not happen within 15 minutes, add some more powder and tap in place. 

·      There is no residual action from the powder after it is removed; so keep the area continually well covered with Golden Medic®. The powder will not stick well to unbroken skin areas.


Multiple abrasion blisters                                                                     covered with Golden Medic


Continuous Treatment:

·      Do not remove old powder; just add more as required; at least twice dailyuntil well healed.

·      Try to get the powder to form a good thick scab, open to the air. This is the best way to achieve rapid healing.

·      This scab will give total protection and it remains analgesic as well as sterile, the wound thus heals faster than normal.


Prevention– Always have Golden Medic®on hand! 

·      Applying a good layer of Golden Medic®as soon as you feel that a blister is starting as a result of any friction. This will help prevent a blister from forming as it provides lubrication as well as sanitation.

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