Mouth Ulcers (Aphthous)

Mouth Ulcers (Aphthous)

Golden Medic® detailed Instruction Sheet specifically for help with:

                             Mouth Ulcers (Aphthous)also called Canker Sores      Ref: 0

Golden Medic® works best used as soon as possible after such condition occurs.


Understanding the condition:

Usually a single mouth ulcer is due to damage caused by biting the cheek or tongue, or by sharp teeth, brushing or poorly fitting dentures. These ulcers are called 'traumatic' ulcers. If you have a number of mouth ulcers, and they keep coming back, this is called 'recurrent aphthous stomatitis'. The main symptom is a painful sore in the mouth that can make it hard to eat and talk. Most ulcers clear on their own in one to two weeks. Treatments, if required, include mouth rinses, pastes and medication. Reference - Google search.


If you suffer from these ulcers you will know how painful they are and how long they normally take to repair. The treatment explained below is NOT EASY because Golden Medic is hydrophobic (will not mix with water). But, if you persist and do it correctly you will experience almost immediate relief from the pain and a very quick repair. Do the treatment after a meal or when the powder has a chance of remaining in place as long as possible.


First Treatment:

·      Tap out a small quantity of Golden Medic powder into a small container. 

·      Have a clean ear bud ready and cover it well with the Golden Medic powder.

·      Dry the ulcer area well as possible. This is the hard part, kitchen towel works well. Keep it dry by tilting our mouth.

·      Immediately use the ear bud to apply a good layer powder to the dry ulcer.

·      There is no residual action from the powder after it is removed; so try not to lick the powder away for as long as possible.

·      The analgesic effect (pain relieving) works after a few minutes, if this does not happen within 15 minutes, repeat the process.

·      Repeat the application last thing at night.This late night application works best as the mouth stays dry, because the tongue is less active.


Mouth ulcer – wet                                                                        Dried & covered with ‘GM’


Continuous Treatment:

·      Dab the ulcer dry and add more powder as often as required. But at least 3 x daily, until well healed.

·      The very small amount that is swallowed will not cause any ill effects.

Prevention– Always have Golden Medic®on hand! 

·      Applying a good layer of Golden Medic®as soon as you feel that an ulcer is starting or re-occurrence.

Two cups of Green Rooibos tea with a squeeze of lemon juice helps stop the ulcers forming. Ed.

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