Burn Instructions

Burn Instructions

Golden Medic® detailed Instruction Sheet specifically for help with:

                                                              Burns                               Ref: 0

Golden Medic® should be your ‘first choice’ for burns, as you never need to change a dressing.

Apply as soon as possible, after first socking the burn in cold water or melting ice for at least 5 minutes to reduce the burn heat and damage to the tissues.


Raw burn well washed                                         Covered in Golden Medic                               7 days later healed without scaring



·      It is imperativeto clean off any dirt or previously applied creams, lotions or medicines. Any remnants of these may react badlywith this powder and may become irritant and possibly painful.

·      Apply Golden Medic® as soon as possible to alleviate the pain and shock, then;

·      For old burns - any previously diseased or necrotic tissue should be removed.

o   Thoroughly clean the damaged area washing out any dirt or puss that may have formed:

§  This can be well assisted by using dilute Hydrogen Peroxide. (3 parts water/1 part Hydrogen peroxide [H2O2]) This is painless and the fizz helps to rinse out all foreign matter.

§  Repeat until well cleaned.

§  Then rinse with water and pat dry with a soft tissue.

First Treatment:

·      Tap out small quantities of Golden Medic powder directly onto/into the damaged tissue. 

·      Use an ear bud or soft ‘make up’ brush to spread a thick layer of the powder over the entire area.

·      It is important that all loose skin has been removed so that the powder can get in direct contact with the burnt tissue underneath.

·      Tap the powder down into and onto the burn, to help consolidate it’s covering the entire area, using an ear bud or a clean, well-wetted fingertip. (The powder does not stick to wet surfaces)

·      If the skin is unbroken you can use the roller ball top to cover the burnt area, but be gentle.

·      Avoidapplying any covering or dressing as the powder works best when dry and open to the air.

·      If you must cover the burn, use only a light gauze dressing, or a light thin article of clothing that will allow the air to circulate. Remove this as soon as possible to help the area dry out.

·      The analgesic effect (pain relieving) works after a few minutes, if this does not happen within 15 minutes, add some more powder and tap in place.

Continuous Treatment:

·       Do not remove old powder. Just wipe away any ooze, and then add more powder as required, at least 3 x daily. 

·      There is no residual action from the powder after it is removed; so keep the area continually well covered with Golden Medic®.

·       Encourage a dry scab to form as this gives the very best results. Once a scab has formed do not disturb it, just add more powder around its edges.

·       There is no requirement for any dressings that are very painful to renew/change.

·       Golden Medic® also has the ability to help stimulate stem cells.This results in rapid healing, and has the effect of causing little, if any, scaring.

Prevention– Always have Golden Medic® close by and on hand! 

Applying a good layer of Golden Medic® as soon as possible after a burn will speed up the healing process.


  • Garth Newton - When cooking I got a nasty burn on my wrist from boiling oil. This was very painful and inflamed. I applied Golden Medic  The pain rapidly subsided, the inflammation had disappeared by the following day, and it healed quickly and without any further trouble.
  • Dr C Trace - While in the bush a 2nd degree burn on my arm remained untreated and became extremely sore, inflamed and then septic. I cleaned the burn and applied a layer of copper foil taped over the wound for 24 hrs, no improvement resulted. Golden Medic powder was applied to cover the entire burn. Almost immediately the pain receded and the inflammation and infection were quickly controlled. In six days it had healed leaving no scar.
  • Anne Weiss - burnt herself rather badly while cooking. Golden Medic powder was put on immediately which stopped the pain in a very short space of time - and even more surprisingly - it did not even form a blister. I will not be without Golden Medic in my kitchen from now on.
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