• Dr S van Riet - A patient who fell in the mountains arrived with a large (4cmx4cm) piece of skin missing from his bald skull. With his permission I applied Golden Medic powder. It formed a tough scab, which protected the area. Within 7 days the scab had fallen off and the area healed without any scaring.
  • Diana Molyneux - fell down stairs and severely cut and bruised her forehead, which bled copiously. Immediately Golden Medic powder was applied, it relieved the pain and formed a scab. It healed beautifully - and did not need any dressings or bandages!
  • Sue Macdaniel - Golden Medic healed a nasty wire tear on my arm in four days and left it looking really better than any of my varied stuff that I tend to use!! It also took the pain out of small hole in knee when I tripped over a root, and is now totally healed.
  • Nomsa Nongalo - put it on my daughter Sithokazi when she cut her thigh on a steel pole in the playground. It was a big cut and it healed well in ten days without me having to take it to the clinic for treatment.
  • Daphne Nomoyi - had a blister on her face and she put the powder on and it went away, without any other treatment.
  • Chris Kruger - cut himself deeply on his thumb with a knife. After applying Golden Medic once the wound healed in a week.
  • Melody Maddocks – A handyman working with steel - fell on his hand causing a deep laceration on the upper surface of a finger - in the evening Golden Medic was applied directly to wound. It was covered and padded so that he could continue to work. Wound healing noticed within 2 days, and after 7 days was completely healed with minimal scarring.
  • Netsai Chabarwa - A stone cut my leg making a hole - Golden Medic was applied for two days and the hole was completely closed.
  • Trish (Pharmacist, Simon's Town Pharmacy) - A lady was a visitor from Finland who had a wound on her leg that would not heal. After trying conventional antiseptic creams over the lesion of a few weeks, Golden Medic and was applied and healed quickly, She very happy with the progress.

  • Garth Newton - When cooking I got a nasty burn on my wrist from boiling oil. This was very painful and inflamed. I applied Golden Medic  The pain rapidly subsided, the inflammation had disappeared by the following day, and it healed quickly and without any further trouble.
  • Dr C Trace - While in the bush a 2nd degree burn on my arm remained untreated and became extremely sore, inflamed and then septic. I cleaned the burn and applied a layer of copper foil taped over the wound for 24 hrs, no improvement resulted. Golden Medic powder was applied to cover the entire burn. Almost immediately the pain receded and the inflammation and infection were quickly controlled. In six days it had healed leaving no scar.
  • Anne Weiss - burnt herself rather badly while cooking. Golden Medic powder was put on immediately which stopped the pain in a very short space of time - and even more surprisingly - it did not even form a blister. I will not be without Golden Medic in my kitchen from now on.


An old lady whom is a paraplegic, developed this bedsore from her electric wheel chair before Christmas 2014, it has had all the normal antibiotic applications without any real result. The picture shows how we found it the 3 days after a Hospital visit to clean and treat the

wound. It was stinking due to the white dead tissue and wet and weeping serum from being covered up. We cleaned the wound with dilute Hydrogen peroxide, repeatedly after removal of the dead tissue, then dried it with tissues and applied the Golden Medic powder. Showing her Son and her Maid how to do this twice daily, if required to keep it covered only with the powder. Dr C G N Trace.

For specific help with difficult and long lasting wounds like these contact us. We have helped many people where normal treatments have not really worked.


Derek and Gaye du Toit - I have taken this opportunity to thank you for introducing me to the product “Golden Medic” antiseptic powder---I am a keen model airplane hobbyist and spend a lot of time in the workshop using sharp tools that on occasions inflict minor cuts and scratches that bleed (a bit of a nuisance when you are busy). I was introduced to Golden Medic on a visit to your home when I mentioned that at this time of the year I am a target for every flying insect that bites, your suggestion to use Golden Medic on the bite would give me relief. Well my experience has been Golden Medic works absolute wonders on bites, scratches, cuts and any injury where the skin has been broken for whatever reason. I have just recovered from a severe bout of Shingles, a complaint or disease I would not wish on my enemy, I was giventhe traditional lotions to apply to the affected areas, with very little relief, than a saviour heard about my distress and brought to my house an application vial of Golden Medic and I immediately started getting some relief from the affected areas. It has not cured Shingles but what it has done is allowed me to sleep at night whereas up until the application of Golden Medic I was up most of the night in extreme agony. All I can say is our medicine chest will never be without Golden Medic and our family in Munich Germany now also has two vials.

Stings & Bites

Tony Border - While staying in Somerset West he was badly bitten on both legs by nasty little midges (Ceratopogonidae). These bites immediately became red, raised, very painful and extremely itchy. Applying Golden Medic provided immediate relief from the pain and itch and he looked forward to subsequent applications for the relief it gave. This treatment continued for several days until the pain and inflammation totally disappeared.

Chris Kruger - had a bite on his leg that was swollen, red and hard with a purple centre. Golden Medic was rubbed onto the sore and within 8 Hours the swelling had half gone and within 24 Hours the swelling was 25%. The hardness was gone and the purple centre was gone. Amazing. (Almost certainly a spider bite)

Melody Maddocks - Painful bee sting - applied Golden Medic and experienced rapid relief from pain.

Sunet Dercksen - On my mountain bike I got stung on the lip by a bee - OUCH! I was offered some Golden Medic by one of my fellow riders. After only a few minutes the pain subsided. There was still some minor swelling, but about an hour or so after the ride - the bee sting, pain and swelling was long forgotten. I will most definitely recommend Golden Medic to anybody that is stung by a bee.

Graham Gamble - applied Golden Medic powder to a scorpion sting. There was an immediate reduction of pain and limited swelling around the area of the sting. 2 days later there was no remaining mark on the finger from the sting.


Elizabeth Trace - Used Golden Medic on a wart. The results were great and the wart got smaller and smaller before disappearing altogether.

John Rivett - For many years had a fungal infection on the skin bridge between his thumb and forefinger. Doctors and chemists have given me a variety of creams some of which improved the scale but never cleared it fully. The skin on many occasions peeled until raw and bleeding, and was painful. Three applications of the Golden Medic cleared the problem. There is no longer any itch and there is no scale. Golden Medic is applied every few days to ensure the problem does not return.

Angeline Lennox - The big toe got a fungus under the nail. Golden Medic was worked under the nail to cover the affected area. It turned dark green but stopped the fungus and the nail is now growing out nicely. Using Golden Medic on this foot also cleared the Athletes foot infection.

Angeline Lennox - Suffers every now and then from the odd mouth ulcer. Mouth ulcers are painful and a continual irritation, especially during the day, which makes eating, talking and swallowing very uncomfortable. She finds that Golden Medic seals the ulcer perfectly for at least 6 hours, and relief is immediate. It is better than any product she has ever used, over many years.

Dear Lydia, Sr Sandra, Sr Schneider and Sr Carstens,
Herewith our remarkable story of healing which Peter, my husband, and I experienced during the last few months, using Golden Medic, the Copper and Zinc powder.
Just a bit of background history of Peter's leg circulation problems, which has always resulted in lengthy wound healing, at times up to 6 months !
Peter has had Deep Vein Thrombosis in both legs many years ago. He has been on Warfarin for many years,  and more recently on Pradaxa.
He leads a very inactive and sedentary life, which also compromises his circulation.
In February he bumped into the car door and lifted a flap of skin from his right lateral lower leg.
There was, as always, lots of serous fluid leakage.
It was then that I decided to start using the Golden Medic powder - leaving the wound completely open during the day, and covering only with 1 single layer of gauze and 2 strips of micropore at night.   
By 6 weeks (¼ the time) it was completely closed and dry with new healthy looking skin.
His leg wounds have never healed as quickly, and as problem free as this.
Our family and friends who know Pete were amazed at how well Golden Medic has worked.
Compared to all the past scenarios we have had with numerous wounds, requiring at least twice to three times dressings weekly  - this has been so much easier and manageable.
It is such a pleasure for me to feel comfortable and confident about recommending this product to you for general wound care.
Sincerely,    Sr Marlene Ashwell

The first image shows the wound after 5 days of a closed dressing.

The lesion covered with Golden Medic

The 2nd image is after 10 days

The  3rd image at3 weeks.

I took the 4th image at about 6 to 7 weeks after the wound was inflicted.      NB Healed without any scaring !