The Science

What is Golden Medic healing powder?

This is a specially formulated natural, complementary, OTC medical dry copper alloy metallic powder that is eco-friendly, safe to use, does not expire nor require refrigeration, stable and very cost effective.

It is painless to apply to raw wounds and lesions and has a very powerful pain relief mechanism that removes the pain without removing the feeling!

It uses the natural antimicrobial properties of copper to rapidly be effective against microbes – Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi, in fact any organisms that does not have haemoglobin.
There are no know resistant microbes to date and these are unlikely to ever exist. The mode of static action is not fully understood other than that at an atomic level upon contact, or even near contact. - The cell dies before it can reproduce, thus no resistance can develop.

When applied as directed to a painful, inflamed, septic lesion it rapidly reduces the pain within minutes and the inflammation subsides quickly, the lesion becomes aseptic and your body can heal naturally as we were designed to do.

In the presence of serum and blood it quickly forms a sterile scab that allows the lesion to heal remarkably quickly, due to direct stimulation of epithelialisation. This is then followed by uninterrupted regeneration of the damaged cells and the ingress of new skin below the scab.

Because the scab remains sterile no infection can interfere and healing takes place by 1st intention. Remarkably this results in little if any scarring and little if any cicatrix formation.
Thus, it is better than any antibiotic both in action and in cost.

Effective for cuts, grazes, open blisters, Burns, Apthous and resistant Ulcers, rashes, Herpes virus conditions, Athletes foot, Warts, Insect Bites & Stings, Shingles relief, Bruises and general inflammation.
As we use it we are discovering more attributes,- there is a very definite anti toxin component to its presence = Bee stings, spider bites, It rapidly reduces the pain as well as the inflammation.
We have formulated a totally natural Skin Care Lotion which is very user friendly and has a number of pleasing attributes – Soothing, Moisturising, Anti-ageing, Anti- wrinkle, Assists tanning, Anti-Microbial (Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and yeasts, Promotes healing, Eco friendly, contains no chemicals or preservatives.

As this gets known ‘Golden Medic’ is set to become a household “must have” rivalling Aspirin and Elastoplast.

(registered TradeMark and patented)

Use only as directed. Keep out of children’s reach.

Instructions – The Antimicrobial powder is rapidly effective against microbes, Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, etc.
It can be used to prevent and cure infection on sores, cuts, grazes, burns, ulcers, bruises, burst blisters, skin diseases, Acne Athletes foot, Warts*, Bites*, Stings*, Shingles relief, Bruises, Shoe & Body deodoriser and general inflammation.

  • Place a good covering direct onto the lesion or use a smooth ear bud or a clean, wet fingertip. Dab the powder to create a good covering, onto the well cleaned, affected area.
  • This is painless to apply.
  • Press down with a wet finger to seal coverage in place.
  • Do not cover up as it creates its own cover and works best when open to the air and dry. If you have to use a cover make sure it is loose and can breath so there is no sweating.
  • Repeat treatments as required, if washed off with soap & water.
  • rub well into wart, bites and stings.
  • Dust well into socks for Athletes foot, shoe deodoriser and onto armpits for body deodoriser. [if !supportLists]

WARNING – It is unlikely but possible to be allergic. Test on a small patch of sensitive skin for any itching or inflammation. If so wash away with soap and water repeatedly until clear.
Do not ingest, swallow or breath in - if this occurs take a large dose of salad oil or liquid paraffin to help flush the powder out of the body, if neccessary consult your Medical adviser.
Do not let powder get into the eyes. Should this happen wash out immediately and repeatedly with salad oil, then wash out the oil with warm water.

Do not cover tightly, as if it gets warm and sweaty it can change to a black Cupric Oxide that is both irritant and painfull, If this happens wash off immediately with soap and water, then dry and reapply the powder without any covering at all. Be especially careful of hot sweaty areas such as armpits, groin and between toes in close fitting shoes.
Keep away from fire, acids, alkalis and all chemicals
Store in a dry, safe place with cap secured

This medicine has not yet been evaluated by the Medicines Council. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The International Copper Association is a non profit organisation that has been setup to promote the use of copper and copper products world wide. They have a branch in Johannesburg - Copper Development Association Africa.

One of their functions is to promote and educate the public on the natural properties of copper. Copper the most powerful antimicrobial (kills all germs) effect of any metal. More information on this amazing property of copper can be found in their FAQ's

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